Does Your Yard Look a Bit Plain?

Connect with a tree planting company serving Sugar Hill, Suwanee & Buford, GA

Do you have nice green grass but still feel like your yard is missing something? You can add interest by planting trees. Lanier Tree & Stump, LLC offers tree planting services in Sugar Hill, Suwanee & Buford, GA.

We can plant any type of tree you want and suggest trees that would thrive in your property's environment. Set up an appointment with our tree company right away.

3 amazing trees to plant in your yard

A wide variety of trees can thrive in Georgia, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from when you work with our tree company. Consider getting a:

  1. Maple tree to enjoy bright red flowers during springtime
  2. Smokebush tree, which has pink, feather-like seed clusters
  3. Sweetbay tree, which produces fragrant, white flowers
Not sure which tree is right for you? Discuss your goals with our tree planting experts today. We'll gladly recommend a tree that will meet your needs.